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Your spotlight on local services

Do you need support?

If you are in need of help or support, reach out to your community. You are not alone!

1. Call on your family, friends, neighbours or those you trust

Our communities are showing solidarity and community spirit during this difficult time. Most of us will have family, friends or trusted neighbours who can help. Just reach out!

2. Call on your local charity

If you are already in contact with a local charity, call them.

3. Call on your community response

Bracknell Forest Council is working with The Ark Trust to provide a local community response for those who don't have support and need advice or practical help. This is not an alternative to the NHS or social services.

Visit The Ark Trust website to find out more about how the community response could help you.

The Community Response is available 8am and 8pm call 01344 266 911 or email community@theark.org.uk

Contact Us

There are lots of ways to contact us, you can write, email, phone, facebook, tweet or use the contact or speak out form(s) to email us.

Healthwatch Bracknell Forest
c/o Help and Care
896 Christchurch Road

Email: info@healthwatchbracknellforest.co.uk 

Tel: 0300 0120184