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Your spotlight on local services

Public Health Portal

The public health portal includes lots of information to help you look after yourself or someone you care for.

It includes a map shows community groups, clubs, societies, activities and support services.  They are run by local people for local people - and they all offer a warm welcome.

It also includes;

Online Services - A range of services that you can access online.

Get Active - Find out how to get active in the way that best suits you. You will find a number of beginner friendly, sociable and fun opportunities locally. From walking to football, we can help you get active!

Quit Smoking - Support, advice and information on smoking available to local residents..

Eating Healthily - Information about Eating Healthily, staying hydrated along with local and online groups that can support you.

Ageing Well - Information and advice to keep you fit and healthy as you get older, because age is just a number!

Sexual Health - Advice, information and resources about sexual health.

Mental Wellbeing Young People - Providing all young people with information, advice and support for their mental wellbeing at an early stage will help to prevent their concerns from escalating, will build their resilience and help reduce the stigma associated with mental health problems.

Alcohol and Drugs - Local support, services and information

Carer Support - Advice, information and resources for unpaid carers – someone who helps another person in day-to-day life, such as a relative or friend

Learning and Volunteering - Learning and volunteering can be fun and do wonders for our confidence, encouage us to explore new opportunities and often lead us to new friendships, meeting people who share similar interests to us and enchance our general wellbeing

Being a Parent - Being a parent or carer, particularly for the first time, can bring with it both rewards and challenges. Here you will find some resources and services to help you navigate a range of topics of particular interest to new parents. If you are a carer please refer to Carers section for additional content.

Mental Wellbeing Adults - Mental Health is part of our general wellbeing. A state of wellbeing helps us to realise our own potential, helps us to cope with everyday stresses of life, leads us to work productively and contribute to our society. With the right support and care, people who are experiencing mental health problems/illnesses can recover and lead a productive life.

Contact Us

There are lots of ways to contact us, you can write, email, phone, facebook, tweet or use the contact or speak out form(s) to email us.

Healthwatch Bracknell Forest
Mill Ride (Off Fernbank Road)
North Ascot

01344 266 911