Enter and view: The Waterfield Practice

16 patients (during the Enter and View visit) were asked two questions – what was good about the surgery and what could be improved - allowing them to give feedback on the surgery beyond the scope of the questions already asked in the survey.
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Partial Summary of findings

At the time of our visit, the evidence is that:

  • Only one patient identified themselves as a carer. 
  • The triage and appointment system appears to work well; the majority of patients are happy with appointment access, are able to make an appointment when needed and convenient and are satisfied with the triage they receive.
  • The majority of patients are happy with the quality of the care and treatment they receive and feel their consultation time is adequate to deal with their issues.
  • The surgery is fully accessible for patients with mobility issues but the automatic doors open very slowly which has led to them being permanently propped open during surgery hours.
  • The majority of patients are happy with waiting times. On day of our visit no patient reported a longer wait than 15 minutes; just over 81% were seen within 5 minutes of their appointment time.
  • During our visit 43% of patients did not use the electronic booking-in system. Only 1 of the patients who did not use the system identified a barrier (not easy to use) that prevented them from doing so.
  • There is lots of information available for patients in the waiting room which is well presented and timely.
  • All patients we spoke to during the visit that required a follow up appointment were able to make it on the day.

Partial Recommendations

  • The online survey was promoted through Healthwatch Bracknell Forest and also details sent to the SPG and Practice Manager to promote. The lack of responses indicates a lack of engagement with patients of the practice, Healthwatch Bracknell Forest would like to work with the Practice Manager and the SPG to look at opportunities for cross promotion of engagement opportunities; all feedback and patient involvement is a positive: Friends and Family Test, Healthwatch Bracknell Forest, Health Connect, Patient Surveys etc.
  • The low number (one) of patients who identify themselves as being a carer could have a number of explanations: this could just be the ‘snapshot’ of the particular patients on the day or it could indicate a low awareness by patients of what constitutes a carer. The SPG could conduct further research into this area and work with the new carers support service, SIGNAL, to raise awareness.
  • Propping open the interior automatic doors slowly is not a long-term solution to the problems caused by their slow opening. The doors need to be assessed by a professional tradesman to see if they can be modified, repaired or even replaced.
  • To encourage patients who want to book in at reception or are unaware of the facility to use the electronic booking in system instead and offer support where necessary.


Please download report to read all the findings, recommendations and service providers response. 

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