Long Term Plan Frimley Health

This report forms the response from the Frimley area to the NHS Long Term Plan and is based on a survey of 1,477 people.
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76% of people rated themselves as confident or very confident in respect of finding helpful information for themselves when unwell. Despite the high levels of confidence reported using digital technology to find information, this was not reflected in the use of digital technology to contact services. Respondents indicated that access to the help and treatment they need at a time that is right for them and professionals that listen to them are more important to them than understanding the services available to them, access to the knowledge and information to prevent ill health and make decisions about care. The top three barriers that people identified as preventing them from leading a healthy lifestyle were a lack of time, conflicting advice and information and a lack of support from GPs and other health professionals. The top three things that people felt could help them lead a healthy lifestyle were easier/Better access to GPs/primary care, affordable/free gym and leisure facilities. People wanted GP appointments to be more accessible. They also wanted to see improvements to social care provision, car parking at hospital, discharge from hospital, waiting times at hospital clinics, being a hospital in-patient, and the timeliness of hospital appointments and referrals.


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