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Increase In Thefts from Motor Vehicles


Received via Thames Valley Alert.

There have been an increasing number of thefts from motor vehicles across the Bracknell area.

Most car criminals are opportunists. By following the below tips you can help outsmart car thieves and limit their opportunity to steal your valuables or vehicle.

  • Don’t tempt thieves – Your mobile phone, coins for the car park, sunglasses, packs of medication or other items that can earn quick cash are irresistible to the opportunist thief. The cost of replacing a window is often much more than that of what’s stolen. And it should go without saying that wallets, handbags, purses and credit cards should never be left in an unattended vehicle. Even an old coat or a plastic bag left behind can tempt a thief.
  • Trust locks, not luck – always double check your vehicle is locked and secure.
  • Keep keys safe - and out of sight. If you have keyless entry, keep your electronic fob in a signal blocking pouch to help prevent it being scanned.
  • Perfect parking - if you have a garage, use it or try to park in a well-lit location.
  • Be alarmed – ensure your alarm is active and in working order.
  • Sat Nav - would you be lost without it? Remove it and make sure you wipe the sucker mark off the windscreen.
  • Your number’s up - number plates can be easily removed, secure them with security screws. If your number plates are stolen, report this to the Police online or contact 101.

Remember - Display and you will pay! Leave it on show, expect it to go!


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