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What’s the difference between social distancing and self-isolation?


With all the talk about social distancing and self-isolation, it's important to know the difference between the two.

Social distancing is for people who have NO signs of coronavirus.

You go into self-isolation when you or a member of your household have signs of coronavirus.

Social distancing is about ways to avoid catching and spreading coronavirus. It’s advised for everyone and strongly advised for people over 70 or people with a long-term condition and other conditions detailed in the link below.

You can go outside for a walk to the park, or use your garden. Also, if you need to you can go out for essential supplies. Kept your distance from others, (3 steps or 2 metres) and observe good hygiene.

Self-isolation, also called staying at home, applies to people who have symptoms of coronavirus and people who live with them. Stay at home and do not go out. Where possible limit your distance from others in your home and sleep alone. Do not have visitors and ask people to leave deliveries for you outside.

Find out more about social distancing.

Find out more about Self-isolation.



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